Hi there! I’m Isabelle and you’ve just come across some of the hottest lesbian sites. These ladies just can’t get enough of each other! It’s enough to get myself all hot and bothered. Let me know what you think via email. Have fun!


Watch Naked Girls Enjoying Each Other

There’s something about lesbian porn that makes it stand out among all the other genres. Oh yeah, there are no men. But you’re not going to hear any complaints from me. With no penises to get in the way, it’s just two girls engaging in a little sensual exploration of each other’s body. It’s enough to make you go out and get yourself a subscription to a lesbian porn site. And what do you know, I got myself a whole list of the absolute best ones that I really think you’re going to want to have a look at. You can start with Viv Thomas, that one was hot!

The content on these sites is just beautiful, featuring nude women having a good time with each other. It’s just like that old’ ditty from the ‘80s: “Girls just wanna have fun.” While gentle, soft caresses and ticklish licks are definitely a large part of the goings-on in lesbo porn, to suggest that they’re the only acts would be wrong. They start off gently with a fingertip, then progress to two, then three, then, before you know it, she’s got her whole hand in there and that is one helluva sight to see. And you can see it all in pics and videos on these sites.

Ever Heard of Sappho of Lesbos?

There is a little Greek island in the northeastern Aegean sea that goes by the rather curious name of Lesbos. Thousands of years ago this was a place of ancient gods, warlords and kings. The island was in turmoil and cried out for a hero. She was Sappho, a poet. Being a woman poet was highly unusual for the times, but her poetry managed to withstand over two millennia to be recognized today as the earliest known source of erotic lesbian content. This tradition has continued on to this day and can be found on Girlfriends.xxx, among the other sites on my list.

To this day, lesbians make pilgrimages to the isle of Lesbos to pay homage to Sappho and then rejoice in the very sweet, carnal desires she wrote about. Calling lesbian porn works of beautiful nude art by no means requires a stretch of the imagination. The female form is one of the original inspirations for artistic creation. Just look at all the naked ladies in an art history textbook. From the Venus of Willendorf to the Madonna of the ‘80s, women have always had plenty of sex appeal. And so do the girls over at Lesbea.

These Lesbian Sites Are the Best!

So if this Greek lady’s poetry has been around this long she’s gotta be onto something, right? Lesbian porn has got to be one of the hottest niches in the adult world today. Just think about. One nude girl is beautiful and posses the potential for mischief. But when you put two naked girls together, well, let’s just call it what it is: a thing of beauty. And a ménage à trois or more, well, I won’t spoil it for you. You can help yourself to my list of sites to see what I mean.

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